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The value of proofreading is a significant factor in determining whether a full-length Doctoral Thesis/ Master Dissertation will pass the credibility test set by most Universities. Also, the acceptance or rejection of a manuscript for publication is highly connected to the value placed on proofreading. Therefore, it can be affirmed that proofreading is an indispensable constituent of the writing and publishing process.
Numerous writers and authors have issues with grammar and writing style mostly because they learned English as an alternative or second language. As a result of this issue, readers, research supervisors, reviewers, and editors often find it difficult to comprehend their articles or accept their papers.
We are conscious of these issues and we have decided to render help. We have identified with competent staff to handle manuscripts across all fields. We request all manuscripts to be in customary typefaces such as MS-Word format, Times New Roman (12 points), 1.5 line spacing, and 1-inch margin on all sides.
Our charges are negotiable as categorized in the table below: Proofreading
Pages Cost ($) 1-10 70
11-20 140
21-30 210
31-40 280
41-50 350
Above 50 Negotiable
Discounts will be allowed for multiple submissions, full-length thesis, full-length book manuscript, government seminar papers, and tertiary institutions that subscribed for our services. Delivery is usually within 48 hours after the confirmation of the agreed fee.
Our services include: Grammar editing and punctuation; Proofreading, paraphrasing and sentence editing; and Arranging of articles to the required format and making suggestions on ways to improve articles.
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